on multi-device products

multi-device products

Vodafone mutli-device experience

I joined the last phase of the lengthy development process of a multi-device (mobile, PC, TV) and multi-user product, taking care of the consistency of the user experience across the different interactions.

My tasks within the project
  • defining information architecture and wireframes for multi-user management settings
  • evaluating the interface and interaction for the three devices
  • proposing re-design solutions for the three devices

unaxone (2014)
Vodafone unaxone logo
Vodafone unaxone logo

Unaxone is a Vodafone’s xone product for tablets that allows seniors to be in touch with their families and friends in an easy and straightforward way. Families and carer can use the app from their mobiles or PCs to share photos, events and make video-calls, and remotely support the seniors with the product’s handle.

product website

My tasks within the project
  • overseeing the user experience of the product throughout all the development phases, from user journeys to wireframes, visual design, copies and implementation
  • revising design and development deliverables
  • presenting results and negotiating decisions with stakeholders
  • coordinating user research with external agencies

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